What and what you need to have fashion school in Rwanda?

What and what you need to have fashion school in Rwanda?

What and what you need to have fashion school in Rwanda?

During the Fashion Summit held at Norrsken, Kigali, Vitj was speaking about Africa’s finest designers and beyond on how to grow Africa’s fashion industry from a business perspective.

Despite incredible efforts Rwanda designers put in to produce fine collections could you believe there is not a single school in Rwanda teaching fashion design said by Belgian fashion designerChris Vitj.

Week going in Kigali since Monday, May 6 the fashion summit was part of a series of activities that are on the agenda of the second edition of Mercedes-Benz Fashion.

Over 27 designers, are in town ahead of the six-day fashion event which runs until May 21 even players in the industry from all other works of life are there to share their best experiences in growth of fashion industry with international guests and even the local designers where in attendance saying that manpower is the biggest challenge they face in fashion industry.

If you are not the one making the production yourself. Tailors are not trusth worth and thats the big challenge facing us here in Rwanda. And think with the problem forcing the whole fashion industry in Rwanda lagging behind and going off the pace. Said by Cynthia Rwanda’s designer.

And it has been becoming common challenge for the fashion industry not just in Rwanda but Africa at large.

It is only education is the key to finding the solutions to persisting challenges existing in the African fashion industry and rwanda has got no fashion school for designer. Lack of manpower. there is need for fashion Vitj suggested.

In Rwanda here they is no fashion school and for fashion to go forward i believe with education and manpower because everyone in Europe is saying ‘Kigali, Kigali! fashion, fashion. yeah, there is a lot of fashion but there is no fashion school. One day there will be fashion school in rwanda that is our hope


Fashion desigers in rwanda believe that with fashion school and Manpower all there dreams will be achieve because some of the them has been to other countries like Zimbabwe, South Africa, Burkina Faso, Mali among other countries and hence affects quality production.

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