Micheal Makembe will be coming to Dak’ Art 2022 to perform

Micheal Makembe will be coming to Dak’ Art 2022 to perform

The Dak’Art African is a contemporary art biennale, held in Senegal, is a major biennale of contemporary art in Africa and one of the ten major biennales in the world.

Today rwanda top producer and artiste Micheal Makembe has make it public that he is coming join 59 collectives and artistes from across the world at the Dak’Art 2022 where he will perform unique genre which is rwanda traditional sounds and modern sounds. Micheal Makembe is a popular singer in rwanda now he is going round the world. The event, among others, will showcase melanated talent in the art world from May 19 – 28, 2022.

On May 21 Makembe will perform his song called Black Civilisation Museum during Les Restes Supremes, a plastic works exhibition by Dorcy Rugamba.

As he said ealier in tweeter he will be performing in Dakar so that he fans will be ready for him, to perform in Senegal from 21 to 28 May at La Biennale De Dakar.

Having built a legacy and a song telling a stories that express strength of dominance through traditional sounds he collects from different areas of Rwanda and He is having hope that his performance will bring out the beauty of Rwandan native sounds and introduce it to the rest of the world.

When Makembe was 1o years old he started making music and he is one of the best sound engineers making good beat song in rwanda and now he is one of the top records winning admiration and respect of music lovers.

Makembe is known for traditional percussion and modern sounds in the making of his music,a fusion that gave birth to different sub-genres.

YOu can as well check out his new song called Sounds of Home, a mix of sounds he collected from Nkombo Island and modern sounds made it to Africa Direct, a series of African stories by Al Jazeera.

He also produced different songs including ‘Generation’ by Ish Kevin and the song is among the trending tracks in Rwanda at the moment. Rwanda love his sounds.

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