Rwanda wait for New freestyle live show coming soon

Rwanda wait for New freestyle live show coming soon

Bernard Bagenzi is bringing a new freestyle live show that seeks to put producers and artistes together Rwanda and produce songs on different platforms. Bernard Bagenzi is RENOWNED VIDEO DIRECTOR.

The new live show will also allow music lovers to experience behind the scenes of studio sessions where producers will breakdown how songs are produced from the making of the beat to final touches of the song. Like the Madness Mixtape or GRM Daily of UK

These live show will attract popular musicians from different religions, backgrounds, regions, conutry ,genres and languages.
The aim is to help Rwandan artistes grow bigger and connect with producers who make different styles of music.
Bagenzi, the brains behind the show, told The New Times that considering how Rwandan music stands at the moment, he initiated ‘EPIK live show.
He want to from Rwandan music and talents by giving a platform to upcoming artistes to work with some of the biggest musicians and producers locally and around the world and seeks to bring together and celebrate the diversity
Rwandan music.
This will help us to show the best of Rwandan urban music by presenting music videos, mixtape premieres, audios and freestyle shows and many other that will take our music to greater heights,” Bagenzi said.
Rwandan music is growing at a good pace and we need more ways to keep it growing.
Bagenzi also revealed that one episode will be premiered every week on EPIK YouTube channel before the show goes on air.

The first episode of EPIK show premiered this Monday and featured a fast rising producer, Bobly, who introduced different upcoming artistes such as Kavah, Dero N, and Young G Kay to his sound.

In the future episodes, Bagenzi indicated that EPIK will also collaborate producers and artistes that sing songs like Amapiano, Afrobeats, Dancehall, R&B, House, among many others.

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