See this local dancer use contemporary dance to express her feelings

See this local dancer use contemporary dance to express her feelings

Today check out a contemporary dancer that said she use dance to express and tell a story delivered by contemporary movements that convey a meaning.

The contemporary dancer found a niche which is in form of art she said helps him to express the inner feelings and emotions and another body story through his dance.

The 22-year-old contemporary dancer, when she was at the age of 9, she started contemporary dance and was inspired by Akram Khan, A london base dance director and choreographer.

when ever she dance she love her moves and how she attract audience attention and how she express story and gives life through dance which make she strive and work hard in dance step.

She started practicing contemporary dance when she was 14 in 2014 through a church team called God’s Glory Team” and in 2016, In rwanda she work with different talented choreographer and art companies.

She said that she love contemporary dance that it requires one to embrace the feelings and emotions when performing someone’s story.

You have to be that someone,” and understand the story before performing the story he said.

In 2019 sano performed in Anda art festival, an event that was organised by Peace and Love Proclaimers (PLP) and was organised and created a piece called why me.

She let the public to know that he was facing depression for a long time she didnt tell anyone and she was healed by art tackling why she plays portray social issues like mental health.

Many people, especially from the young generation are facing mental health problem but the cant tell any one for help. So as an artist, i believe that contemporary dance or art can be a way to guide them on how they can face that problem and get help. she like to focus on a message that can change someone even if the cant speak.

Sano declared that contemporary dance was she first ever source of income and she perform on a big stages like our past commemoration event.

She make it clear that the are not enough contemporary dance classes that can be hosted by international contemporary dance teachers for dancers to gain new skills.

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