Playwright Manishimwe on his creative journey

Playwright Manishimwe on his creative journey

He says that the idea of starting to write instead of acting came to mind when he was in Year 3 pursuing creative arts, where most of the modules he took reflected creativity; playwriting, screenwriting, novel writing, among other skills.

“When I write about the life one lives, there are behaviours I need them to change for them to be better people. I talk about what society experiences so that people can find themselves in my plays and learn from them,” he says.

At the time, I started thinking, ‘these things are not that tough; I can try’. So, I began to write some plays for Les Star du Theatre,” he says.

Later on, Manishimwe and his friends, Mugiraneza and Habaguhirwa, started a radio drama series called ‘Iriba’ which used to air on Radio Huye.

He also acts in a popular radio play called ‘Urugamba Rugomba Umuco’ and different stage plays.

One of his favourite plays is ‘Karibu Mu Ihurizo’ which he says made him emotional when he was writing it, adding that it was also loved by many listeners who ranked it the best in 2021.

15 of them including the ones he labels ‘most popular’ are ‘Karibu Mu Ihurizo’, ‘Amaribori Y’ikibero Ntakibuza Kubora’, ‘Ingirwamugabo’, ‘Inyagasambu Rirarema’ as well as ‘Ubushorishori Bw’ikinyoma’, and are known to be entertaining, educational and relevant to people’s daily lives.

Most Rwandans, especially those who follow ‘Ikinamico’, a programme aired on Radio Rwanda, have probably listened to plays written by Dieudonne Manishimwe, also known as Diego.

This makes it very clear that you can even have good plays but the problem of producing and broadcasting them deter you from benefiting from your creative works,” he says.

The play which is about two poor lovers; a boy from a poor family and a girl from the same state of family but with rich relatives. When the boy is requested for dowry by the girl’s family, he can’t afford it and opts to move to the city to find money.

When he returns, he finds the girl wedding a rich man, influenced by her family. The girl sees him again and gets along with him. She confesses how she truly loves him.

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