lets check out the new collection on the journey to self-healing releases by Poet

lets check out the new collection on the journey to self-healing releases by Poet

Recently sylvestre nsengimana released a portrays the journey to self-healing poetry collection which become a human being with humanity.

The book consists of 39 poems that are divided into five parts that the author decided to call rooms and the book is titled The Journey. The poems divided into five parts which name Room of Drama, Room of Love, Room of Life and Legacy and Room of Gospel. As a reader you can decides on which room to visit.

There is a spiritual part of one’s life (the soul) which needs to be protected and the process is what he calls healing. According to Nsengimana.

He said it is what he saw and felt and the need to calm his soul down and keep his memories alive. Tackling what inspired him to put together the book.

I walked the journey of life. As a human being, I had tons of inner conversations; imaginations, memories, inspirations and disappointments. Above all, I learned from that experience,” I had thorns and roses.he said.

I hope to inspire someone out there to find their way out and to be strong by getting connected to their own souls.” To release the book, I hope to share what I learnt from my journey to the world.

The author also noted that the book came after realisation of the impact and end results all the poems had on him and his close persons and discovered they formed his journey towards self-healing, finding his voice and more importantly, his soul.

Nsengimana also declared that he has an emotional attachment to the collection which holds both his English and Kinyarwanda poems because to him ‘The Journey’ is a medicine.

“Most of the poems in this book are based on personal life experiences,” he said. “They are either about me or close people in our community. My soul was relieved after completing the book. There is power in sharing my story.”

It only takes one small wrongdoing for a heart to break and it takes forever to heal. Maybe if we stop to ignore the reality of our true identities and start the journey of understanding, we will welcome one another and create a better world. We need just to shut down the outer noise and start to hear our inner voices,” he said.

‘The Journey’ addresses other different themes such as humanity, love, meditation, education, family, relationships, culture, injustice and technology and the author thinks society needs to pay extra attention to small details since he believes they are what makes life worth living.

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