Can social media help promote talented people with disabilities?

Can social media help promote talented people with disabilities?

Can social media help promote talented people with disabilities?

Bosco Niyonshuti, commonly known as ‘Niyo Bosco’ is among the people who were promoted through social media,One of the best-talented artistes that lives with an impairment disability.

Niyo has since performed at various big events such as Kigali Jazz junction, among others.

Some people got to know him through social media and started following his music career constantly.

in general social media is one of the platforms giving talented people,A voice and a way to communicate with peers, customers, and potential consumers, as well as personalize brands and help to spread messages in a relaxed and conversational way.

A big fan of Niyo in the interview with The New Times shared that she knew Bosco from social media, followed him on Instagram and started to listen to and love his songs

He said that social media plays a big role in promoting artistes such as sharing the daily life of any artiste, arguing that it is easier to use social media than other types of media.

I knew him for the first time, thanks to Instagram and following that time I started admiring his music and contributing to his projects through different platforms, for instance, the posts he shares with his followers asking to choose the tracks we need him to release next,” she said

In addition, he discovered that it also requires a little budget in terms of promotion and takes a short period as well, among benefits.

“There are things you can’t do easily on other media such as asking the fans the other track they want to be on your next projects, among other conversations which involves the fans in general among other benefits,” he said

Renowned TV and Radio presenter, Anita Pendo, said that in most cases it is hard to know them (talented people with disability).

However, she agrees that social media can play a big role in introducing them to the public.

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