Bruce Melodie’s is working hard in rwanda with incredible music to take over Africa

Bruce Melodie is working hard in rwanda with incredible music to take over Africa

Bruce Melodie is my favorite. I like this guy from day one…now we are good friends. The guy is so talented. I am a fan of his music, and he is a fan of mine, so I am privileged to introduce him to my fans in Uganda and all over the world,” he added.

Kenzo traveled to Kigali in February as he joined Bruce Melodie in the studio to finalize a music project they had together. Producer Madebeats worked on the audio and Meddy Saleh made the visuals for the song’s video.

Ugandan musician Eddy Kenzo has heaped praise on Bruce Melodie’s rise to stardom in music and believes the singer’s music has the potential in taking over Africa by storm.

Two months later, the celebrated Ugandan Afro singer again joined his Rwandan counterpart during the official release of the song titled ‘Nyoola’ which is loosely translated as ‘Twist’.

The ‘Weekend’ hit maker was full of praise for the singer after they both dropped their brand new collaboration ‘Nyoola’ during Bruce Melodie’s Acoustic Night held Tuesday evening, April 26, at Urban Park Suites, a hotel located in Remera, Kigali.

I am not here by mistake, I am here to support him, give him a hand because I know he is going to move a lot of miles away,” Kenzo said.

Kenzo revealed that he was blown away by Bruce Melodie’s talent while recording the song together and enjoyed every moment they spent together during the studio session of the song.

In “Nyoola”, Eddy Kenzo uses a lot of Luganda and a bit of English while Bruce purely sings his part in Kinyarwanda and each of them did their part well to fit in every beat from the very beginning to the end of the song.

He shares the same feeling with Bruce Melodie who realised his dream when he recorded a song together with a musician he grew up supporting since his early days of his music career.

Nyoola is a Zouk-Ballad mix with an urban afro vibe. With the two singing two different styles, there were fears that they could not make a good combination in the song. However, Bruce said he and Kenzo were so comfortable to fit in while recording.

I knew Kenzo as a fan of his music. But now we have a song together, so I am happy for him,” said Bruce Melodie.

Kenzo explained that he used so much Luganda in the song so he could easily introduce his friend Bruce to his home fans in Uganda.

He will then travel to perform in the United Kingdom on May 28 before concluding his tour in Paris, France on June 11.

“My job is to make sure he at least gets a new fan and that’s why I used a lot of Luganda in the song to make sure I introduce him on the ground. To be honest, if you want to promote Bruce to the Ugandans, you have to promote hi from village to village because this is the language they understand,”

“The Ugandan and Rwandan music styles are quite different but it didn’t stop us from singing our own way. He sang his style and so did I, but, in the end, we ended up doing great stuff,” he said.

Right after dropping his brand new song, Bruce Melodie now shifts focus on preparations for his forthcoming European music tour as he seeks to reach out and entertain his music fans in the diaspora starting from Norway on May 7, a week before he performs in Sweden and Bruxelles, Belgium, on May 13 and 14 respectively.

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