Ben Kayiranga history and songs

Ben Kayiranga is a Gisenyi, Kinyarwanda-born song artist, Ben Kayiranga is a great artist from Kigali, Kinyarwanda who developed up tuning into traditional songs and melodies, the ingoma drums and the sound of the Inanga.

He migrated to France when he was 17a long timeancient. He sings traditional music and pop music. With over two albums to his title, Ben has done a number of features on melodies such as ‘Cyera si Cyera’ highlighting Uncle Austin, Umunsi Nuyu including Edouce.

The Kinyarwanda-born musician, Ben Kayiranga, on March 10th, 2022 dropped a remix of his incrediblemelody‘Ngwino’, 26a long timeafter droppingthe initialformin Belgium.

Thechangemoreoverhighlightsneighborhoodrapper AmaG TheDark, born Amani Hakizimana, makerAyoHastyand rising femalevocalist Mary Igena. Kaziranga says he originally composed Ngwino in 1996,together with‘Freedom’ – anotherimmortal hit. In ameetingwith one local news outlet, he revealed that the remixextendwas AmaG’sthoughtand had beenwithin thepipeline fora number ofa long time,some time recentlytheyset out on it last December.

“AmaG said Ngwino is an all-time top choicetune, and it’s the one thatmotivatedhim toconnect to the music industry,” said Kayiranga. “Westartedworking on the remix in December 2021 when Iwent toRwanda.” The ‘Freedom’ hitmakertoouncoveredthat,other than both being artists, he and AmaG share a partmore in common,noticingthat he is an electrician in FrancewhileAmaGbargainsincoolersupportin Rwanda. While making ‘Freedom’, Kayiranga says, heneededtoempowerRwandanswithin thediasporaoverthe world to returndomesticand play apartinrevampingthenation after the 1994 Genocide against the Tutsi.

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