AMASHU - Chriss Eazy


Check out fast raising rwanda hiphop singer AMASHUis back with a new hit hiphop song titled Chriss Eazy.

Rwanda got a good talent which the want some other country to visit them and see what the have got in them.

Stream and enjoy enjoy this new song below.

Audio: Element / Country Records

Mix&Mastering: Bob Pro

Director: Samy Switch

Editor: Chriss Eazy / Eazy Filmz

Colorist: Sinta

Choreographer: Titi Brown

Set Composer: Dylan Kabaka

Dancers: Jojo Breezy, Danny Dancer, Aspino

Dancer Dop: Joe Capital

Lighting Operator: PDG

Set Manager: Hussein Traole

Set Designer: Honore Wardu

Graphics: Herve Legacy

Costume Designer: X Value,Young C

Designer MUA: Darcy/fotris ,T

makeup Actresses: Fiona Lee,Tonny

Stylist: Wamunigga

Song Writters: Chriss Eazy, Junior Giti

Special Thanks to: The Mane

Executive Producer: Junior Giti

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